Boat’s sinking? Write about it!

So you think that time is slipping away from your life? Some mention sinking boats, speeding trains, severed arteries…

OK, take a deeeeep breath. This too shall pass.

Put that little part of your brain that reminds you of the risks of whatever is happening on standby. Talk to it, thank it for trying real hard to keep you alive, but tell it that it’s not doing the job and that it needs to take a break. You can call it by its little name: “Amygdala.” It is so small, it was named after an almond.

Now use that big part of your brain that is just behind your forehead, and put it to work. This one is the biggest and the youngest. Its name is neocortex. It has a lot of good ideas and can make sound judgements. But it is a little slower that it’s little friend the almond.

Amydgala and Prefrontal cortex

Amydgala and Prefrontal cortex (

Now, still breathing, take a notebook, something you will use to actually write on. Yes, you will be using a pen: that makes your brain happy and increases the learning potential.

Then take 10 minutes, no less. And write. Just write. Anything that comes to your mind. This is not for others to read, not even you actually. It is just your subconscious doing housekeeping. Do not be ashamed of what comes out, it needs to be there.

After 10 minutes, or three pages, stop. That was taking care of the present crisis. To get real good results, do it everyday. Even better, do it when you wake up, when you are halfway between awake and sleepy. Remember: everyday. It’s only 10 minutes.

You will know when it is time to stop doing that. You will also know when the time has not arrived but still you stop. That was your Amygdala playing tricks on you.

It would rather have you die in overdrive than flourish at your own pace. It only knows risks and fear. And it has tons ways to feed itself.

Keep writing.

Then, here is what is going to start happening. Let us take a metaphor. If you were a plowman, you would start driving straight furrows, your horse would be proud and you would be light hearted. Or the other way around.

You will never know till you’ve tried.

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