The elephant in the room


Sharing information and opinions can at times fall prey to group think or other forms of conformism. That can prove dangerous. Important information can be overlooked. It may be that is is known but not easy to mention. It could also be hidden in plain view.

Talking about the unsaid

One way to deal with this, provided you are in a company that can stomach this kind of question, is to ask “what is the elephant in the room?”. Then listen either to the silence, which means the elephant is coming soon in all its splendor, or to an immediate reaction, most often denial, which mean the pachyderm is trying to escape the conversation. Keep at it. hopefully some inquisitive mind will join you in the conversation. One last bit of information: the elephant you get may not be the one you sought.

Au sujet de l'auteur

Stephane Baillie Gee

Stephane Baillie-Gee is a senior consultant. He works on advanced management and leadership in the scope of organizations of the future. He also helps bridging the communication gap between Western and Chinese cultures and organizations.

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